Finding a place to call Home

In the past few months spent here, I have learned so much about myself and about my views as a person. I’ve grown to know who I am and who I want to be. What’s even better is that I’m growing in CHRIST. How great is that?

I’ll be honest with you … I’ve been stagnant in my relationship with Christ for quite some time now. Sure, I never doubted my faith and I always gave Him the glory, but I wasn’t taking the time to grow in him. I didn’t go to church regularly, I didn’t read my bible every day or even every week, I didn’t pray regularly just because I wanted to talk to God. I found myself following a routine. Praying when I was in a bad or scary situation, or when I was supposed to before eating and before bed. While my heart was still on fire for Christ, I was settling with where I was. And I was aware of this. I was aware of my flat line, yet I continued in my ways.
In my mind, I didn’t need to grow because I was already so much “older” in Christ than any of the other kids or teenage Christians I knew. My relationship with Christ has always been more mature than that of the peers my age, but that is no excuse for the way I’ve been thinking of my faith lately.
This adjustment has been hard on me, but praise the lord that I came to terms with what I needed to do: I needed to grow in Christ.
I started going to campus ministry meetings, trying out different churches, going to small group bible studies. I am so happy now that I have plugged into various ministries, and found a church that I am glad to call my home church.
Walking through the doors of Evangel Assembly of God was a definite blessing. I was apprehensive at first. Assembly of God is not the denomination that I tend to identify as. I’ve attended non-denominational churches with a few evangelical churches here and there, but never Assembly of God. Imagine my surprise when I found myself falling in love with the church, and with God more and more through the workings of the church. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, and it wasn’t just an act to get me to come back. I’ve announced that Evangel is my home church, yet they continue to show Gods love onto me. It’s such a blessing!
I am growing so much more in Christ and I couldn’t be more thankful that He got my attention and allowed me to find an amazing church. I look forward to going to church, for the first time in a long time. I can’t wait for when my parents come and visit me, so I can take them to my church. MY church. How wonderful it is to know that I’ve found a home here.


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