Worship is more than a song

One of my favorite quotes is “Worship isn’t something you do. It’s something you are” (Jordan Taylor, BlimeyCow). I tend to get frustrated when I am handed a bulletin when I am visiting a church and I see that there is a time designated for worship. Why is “worship” considered to be a song and dance? Isn’t worship everything that we do because of our love for Christ that ultimately glorifies God? If this is the case (which I believe that it is), then why is it “that thing” that gets “penciled” into a schedule between a sermon and a prayer? Don’t both the sermon and the prayer count as acts of worship?

As sung in Jimmy Needham’s “Clear the Stage”, Worship is more than a song. It’s how we live our lives for God. It’s how we choose to glorify him. Song, Dance, Prayer, Preaching, Witnessing, Smiling, EVERYTHING that we do for the Glory of God is WORSHIP to Him. So no, it’s not something that we “do”, it’s something that we ARE. Something that we BECOME through Him.

God doesn’t say “Okay, I’m only going to accept the worship of my followers from 9:30 to 10:15″, so why do we feel as though we can only “worship” from 9:30 to 10:15 in a church service?! Even if worship was only a song and dance, what’s wrong with just lifting your hands and raising your voice proclaiming that God is your savior in the middle of the day or night? That’s the absolute BEAUTY of Worship. There isn’t a designated time, a designated song, or a designated day.

Worship is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Glorifying God in every way we know how is BEAUTIFUL. Christ’s love for us is BEAUTIFUL. I know that in everything I do, I want to bring Glory to Christ, to magnify Him, to show His beauty, His magnificence. Every day, I wake up to WORSHIP HIM.


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