Finding my home at Alpha Gamma Delta

Two weeks ago, I went to the Panhellenic Spring Rush Winterfest, and I was so incredibly overwhelmed by all of the different tables and everything that Greek life had to offer. I stumbled across the Alpha Gamma Delta table and I immediately felt more at peace. They were WAY more welcoming and inviting than the other chapters that I had visited, and they were so willing to get to know me as an individual and not as a number.

An email later, I found myself at the first “rush event” of “Netflix and Nachos”. We had moes catering and watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I felt an immediate connection to the sisters. They were so welcoming and really urged us to share more about ourselves and everything else that we were involved in.

The next event was Valentines for Soldiers. I pulled out all the cheesy puns and crafty anecdotes and was completely free to be myself. I grew so close to the sisters and could hardly stand not being a member.

The next event was a cake pop social, and let me tell you, I made the best cake pops… but that’s besides the point. I asked Lori, the recruitment planner, where I could wash my hands. She showed me to a bathroom and then said “when you’re done washing up, I want to show you something!” I dried my hands and followed her into a room with the Vice President of Recruitment, Mckenzie, and they handed me an envelope with my name on it. My stomach dropped as I opened it to see that it was a bid card. My very own bid card. They wanted me to be a member of Alpha Gamma Delta. I could not contain my excitement!

I was jumping up and down and barely had the concentration to sign all of the paperwork that came from me accepting my bid. I left the house that night with 142 new friend requests, 12 new wall posts congratulating me on finding my home, and 180 new best friends. Looks like I found my home away from home in Alpha Gamma Delta.


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