There is power in EVERY testimony

For years, I have told myself that my testimony “didn’t matter” or that it “wasn’t cool enough”. I mean I didn’t go through drug addiction or alcoholism or rape or abuse or drastic atheism, and to me that meant that I didn’t have a good testimony. I had been going to youth camps, hearing these insane testimonies of how these people were freed from addiction … Continue reading There is power in EVERY testimony

My views on alcohol (touchy subject)

Alcohol. It’s a touchy subject for most people, especially for people who are underage, people who have strict parents, people who have dealt with alcoholism in some form, and people who believe that it is wrong. So here it is. How I feel about alcohol. I don’t drink. Now before you go making any rash judgements like “oh she’s a goody two-shoes”, I want you … Continue reading My views on alcohol (touchy subject)