Lecrae- Anomaly

When this album was first released, I listened to it every single day for about two months. Beginning to end, I listened to every single song and memorized as many words as I could. The whole idea of the album “Anomaly” is that we’re outsiders, anomalies within society because of our faith. BUT we are not outsiders within the eyes of God. There are some really cool verses in some of the songs that promote this idea, as well as other awesome ideas. Here are a few of my favorite verses within most of the songs on the album.

  1. Outsider:
    • I won’t stay here another night if I gotta sacrifice who I am on the inside, I’d rather be an outsider.
    • There’s plenty people like me: all unashamed and all unafraid to live out what they’re supposed to be.
    • Till’ then we live on the outside and it might storm and we might die.But, I’d rather go where my fist high standing outside of your inside.
  2. Say I won’t
    • Say I won’t talk about that price
    • To know Christ and live life like every night my last night
  3. Nuthin’
    • And we was made in his image, why we so Judas?
  4. Fear
    • How I fear an eternity : will I hear “well done” when he turns to me?
    • Will I hear “you care too much about all this stuff that really don’t matter” ?
    • Will I end up empty-handed when I stand before my master?
    • I’m wrestling with my status, trying to see me like He do, not focusing on the madness.
  5. Anomaly
    • Deviation from the common rule. Somethin’ or somebody that’s abnormal, and doesn’t fit in. I say that’s exactly what we are.
    • We are the odd, the outcast, the peculiar, the Strangers.
    • And they say we don’t fit in, but I say, we are exactly who God created us to be anomalies.
    • The system didn’t plan for this.
  6. Timepiece
    • And I know eternity’s calling but my mind too busy to pay any mind
    • Who holds time? They say he’ll be coming in no time
  7. Dirty Water
    • The most segregated time of day is Sunday Service. Now what you think that say about the God you worship?
    • You call him Devil, he’s fighting for self-esteem.
  8. Wish
    • If I never went there, I would never know.
  9. All I need is you
    • You always pick me up when I’m feelin’ down. You always make it better for me some how.
    • All I need is you, cause all I need is you
  10. Give in
    • It’s satisfying my soul to give You my all
    • I can’t resist, it’s just too much, your love is endless
  11. Good, Bad, Ugly
    • And only God can help me get free, but I’ve been forgiven, my Savior risen.
    • We are not defined by our past, the future looks bright, I see the light on.
  12. Broken
    • Ain’t a soul on the planet that’s better than another
    • And we all need grace in the face of each other
    • You never left me, You never ran off, You never gave up
  13. Messengers
    • How will people know if we don’t tell ’em, if we fail ’em.
    • They’re stumbling in the dark but the light is what we carry
    • Reflect His image and show the world what He cares for

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