My views on alcohol (touchy subject)

Alcohol. It’s a touchy subject for most people, especially for people who are underage, people who have strict parents, people who have dealt with alcoholism in some form, and people who believe that it is wrong. So here it is. How I feel about alcohol.

I don’t drink.

Now before you go making any rash judgements like “oh she’s a goody two-shoes”, I want you to consider my reasons for not drinking.

  1. I am 18 years old, therefore I am under the legal drinking age. I would hate to be arrested for the underage possession of alcohol, and deciding not to drink helps me stay out of this predicament.
  2. I have alcoholism and addiction history within my extended family. Because of this, if I were to drink, I would be more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic because it is simply in my DNA. I don’t want to fall prey to my genetic misfortune, so I choose to avoid it altogether.
  3. My parents. My mom and dad have seen life after life compromised due to alcohol consumption, and they certainly don’t want another one of those lives to be mine. Unlike some college students, I still genuinely care about my parents and their condition. If they ever saw a photo of me drinking, or they ever even got word that I simply had a beer in my hand, they would lose it. And it’s not that I’m scared of what they would do to me, I’m scared of how it would affect them.
  4. I make a fool out of myself when I haven’t gotten any sleep. I can’t imagine how I would be if I were even remotely intoxicated. I like being in control of my actions and my words.
  5. I’m terrified of the risks that are associated with alcohol consumption. Knowing me and my luck, the first time I consume alcohol will be the only time I talk to a stranger who slips something into my drink.
  6. Conviction. I’ve always been one to have a guilty conscience. I was shaking with conviction the Sunday morning in church following me simply being designated driver at a small house party. I can’t begin to imagine how guilty I would feel if I actually drank.

These are the reasons why I don’t drink, but that doesn’t mean I feel as thought every one shouldn’t drink. I’ve met plenty of people who drink and go out who are still awesome people. I am, however, against people getting drunk. I don’t see too much harm in someone, of drinking age, going out and having a beer with a few friends while discussing their weeks. I do see harm in someone, of or not of drinking age, going out and getting hammered with friends and putting their lives in danger. I’ve catered to my roommates PLENTY of nights when they walk through the door hardly able to stand because they’ve been drinking too much. Nine times out of ten, when I ask them how they got home they respond with “Oh I don’t know. Some guy drove me”. And it’s unfortunate because “some guy” could have drugged them or raped them or even killed them, and they would be too drunk to even notice any sketchy behavior.

Bottom line, I am against consuming alcohol. If you often get drunk, please be careful about it, or just avoid it altogether. If you have an occasional beer, that’s fine, just be careful and watch your consumption. If you are underage, please do not drink. You waited long enough to drink so what’s a few more years going to do?


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