Almost Everything – Wakey! Wakey!

I’m usually not one to put a song on repeat, because I have the tendency to get sick of songs if they become overplayed. However that’s not the case with Almost Everything. It’s been on repeat for the past three days, alternating here and there with some Relient K and twenty one pilots, but still it’s becoming quite overplayed. Yet I am still not tired … Continue reading Almost Everything – Wakey! Wakey!

“Everything is fine”

Sometimes we say everything will be fine when we know that it won’t be, just as a way to try and trick ourselves into thinking it will all work out. Sometimes we say everything’s fine when it only seems to be fine, and once again it’s a way of fooling ourselves. Sometimes we even say everything’s fine in our messed up, sarcastic tones to ignore the reality of our privileged lifestyles. And sometimes we say everything’s fine when we desperately want things not to be. Continue reading “Everything is fine”

•Life has a høpeful undertøne•

When I first heard twenty one pilots, I was some lonely girl in 2010 who had gone through a stupid little break up. I was trying on clothes and I heard Holding Onto You in a dressing room. I remember thinking to myself, “wow, okay, wow, I really like this song”. So I pulled out my phone and shazamed it. I saved it and listened to … Continue reading •Life has a høpeful undertøne•