One Nation, Under God

My heart is breaking along with every other heart in America. Lately I’ve been avoiding turning on the news or going on twitter because I’m afraid of what I might see. I woke up this morning and poured my cup of coffee, just like any regular day. I did the rest of my routine and got in my car to pick up my dad from enterprise rental cars. Before my phone had a chance to connect to the bluetooth stereo, I heard the chilling reality of our nation.

“Devastating news this morning in the event of a Dallas sniper attack where 5 officers were killed. “

My grip on the coffee cup loosened as I thought of the five officers who didn’t get to drink their coffee this morning. The five officers spouses who couldn’t bring themselves to pour their coffee because they were so devastated. Now make no mistake, my grief and sadness didn’t come from their occupation, or the circumstance they were under. My grief and sadness came from the fact that on July 7th, 2016, five people were killed. Five lives were taken from the world in an instant.

I do not know the background of these five people, I do not know their history or their story or their lives. All I know is that their lives were taken from them in an instant. The same goes for Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. I don’t know their background, I don’t know their history. I have made the choice to ignore the media. Death is tragic and no one should be able to justify it.  Not only are the circumstances of these deaths sickening, but the fact that their deaths are being used as opportunities to push personal agendas is sickening.

I understand that the United States of America needs help and solutions, but at some point we need to take the time to grieve and pray instead of gripe and point fingers. We are One Nation Under God. Dividing ourselves will not solve any problems; it will only create more. The sooner we come together as one nation, the sooner we’ll defeat this disease that is threatening and dividing America.

Without suffering, there wouldn’t be compassion. And the beauty of grace is that it makes life not fair. But without the knowledge and understanding of compassion and grace, all one can know is fear and anger. If we ourselves know the truth of grace and compassion and faith, then it is our responsibility to share that. I am so tired of seeing people that I love being scared, and being scarred by the shameful reality that’s sweeping our nation. If I have the opportunity to share that truth or that insight with them, then I am going to do it. I can only hope and pray that any others who possess the same truth choose to share it as well. Only then will we become the one nation under God we once were and were founded upon.

Until then, I will continue to pray for this nation, and for those who influence it and for those who run it.


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