Orange ya glad we’re not Michigan?

I apologize if you don’t like the pun, but I obviously had to make it.  The Capital One Orange Bowl was quite the experience to say the least. A falling a horse, a great lead, Joe Jonas, multiple heart attacks, and pulling out the W, I enjoyed my time.  I want to take the time to appreciate the trip in itself as well: sorry for … Continue reading Orange ya glad we’re not Michigan?

Miracles Happen

Whether you’ve heard it in the Princess Diaries movie or you’ve seen it happen first-hand, miracles do happen. The past month or so, the word miracle has played a key role in my life. I’ve gone from praying for one, to thinking they didn’t exist, to witnessing them for myself, to sharing them with everyone I know. As I posted earlier this month, I’ve spent some time doubting my … Continue reading Miracles Happen