Miracles Happen

Whether you’ve heard it in the Princess Diaries movie or you’ve seen it happen first-hand, miracles do happen.

The past month or so, the word miracle has played a key role in my life. I’ve gone from praying for one, to thinking they didn’t exist, to witnessing them for myself, to sharing them with everyone I know. As I posted earlier this month, I’ve spent some time doubting my faith, yet plenty more time reflecting on the beauty of my faith and grace. And I’ve spent that time in prayer as well. Those times of prayer included praying for miracles.

He needs a miracle. They need a miracle. We need a miracle. Please give us one, Lord.

Want to hear the crazy part? Days went by where it seemed as though that miracle wouldn’t happen. Yet all in one moment, the miracles flooded in. I kept up with each miracle as best as I could. I went from getting a knot in the pit of my stomach before checking the caringbridge website to getting a gleam of excitement to hear of his improvement.

My relationship with Caleb is one of my favorites, one that I really cherish. He would come into my room all the time and we’d talk for what seemed like hours. We’d watch The Flash and Supergirl together, and argue about whether or not the episode sucked. It was always funny, he would always come into my room and plop down on my chair as if he owned the place. Sometimes he would hint at how tired he was, just to see if I could fix him a cup of coffee. He’ll never admit that, but I know that’s what he was up to some mornings.

img_6898-2The other day he came to Tallahassee to take care of some business. He called me to tell me he was coming to visit me, and I was expecting to have to let
him into the building. I was sitting in my room expecting for him to call me so I could let him in when he walked right in through my door and said “Hey there long time no see”.

My eyes filled with tears, and a huge smile came to my face. I couldn’t really help it. It was like he was back to normal; sure I had read of his miracles, but now I was seeing them, witnessing them. It was beautiful, and I had my Caleb back, even if for a day.


But in witnessing Caleb’s miracles, I thought about all of the families anddmdonationsweater friends who pray for miracles and might not get them, or receive peace some
other way, and it breaks my heart. But seeing miracles, knowing they exist, makes me believe that they can happen to anyone. I’m a Dance Marathon Team Captain now, and I’m thrilled to be a part of an organization that directly helps make miracles happen, because I know they exist.


Miracles exist, Miracles happen. I’ve seen them, but I shouldn’t have to see them to believe them. Remember, seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing, and that’s kind of how miracles work.




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