Orange ya glad we’re not Michigan?

I apologize if you don’t like the pun, but I obviously had to make it. 

The Capital One Orange Bowl was quite the experience to say the least. A falling a horse, a great lead, Joe Jonas, multiple heart attacks, and pulling out the W, I enjoyed my time. 

I want to take the time to appreciate the trip in itself as well: sorry for the length of this post or any repetition, remember that I use this platform as a way of reflection for myself as well. 

The bus ride was something. I had the seat to myself and I was able to watch some episodes of Total Drama Action to pass the time before falling asleep in the last hour sitting in traffic. The last time I was on a bus with the Marching Chiefs was when I was traveling away from Caleb, so that was an emotional reflection, looking back at that situation and seeing where God had brought us now. 

Upon arrival, all the Chiefs were collecting their $100 per diem, room keys, and their cleaned uniforms. I never turned my uniform in, and my roommates arrived before me, so I just needed my per diem. The line was pretty long, but in that line I ran into Charlie, my little, and that was quite the reunion. When we reunite, it’s as if we were never apart, and that’s one of my favorite things! 

After we got our per diem, everyone wanted to spend it all, so of course a small group of us met up for dinner. The elaborate and fancy places were already too packed, so Charlie, Kim, Linnea, and I decided to go to Applebee’s. We ran into some familiar faces and there was even a funny situation where Charlie stared down the waiter while sipping his drink, thinking I said “Vinny” when I said “Teddy” (I guess you had to be there). 

The next morning was bright and early “continuity” rehearsal at 8am, which meant 7:30 departure from the hotel, which meant 6:50 wake up. But once that was finished, we had free time for the entire day, and that was glorious. We arrived back at the hotel at 9:30 and we decided we wanted to go swimming and then make lunch reservations for BF Changs at 12:30. We were spending that per diem the right way. 

After BF Changs (which was delicious), a group of us wandered through the mall, where I was caught by one of those kiosk hair straightening dudes and he curled half of my head even after I told him I couldn’t afford his product. It’s pretty funny though. We played “what are the odds” a bunch of times, which is a game in which you ask people what the odds are that they will do something, and they respond with a range of numbers such as “1 in 20”. If the numbers match, then they have to do that thing, if they don’t, then nothing happens. If the numbers add to the highest range (20 in this case), then the challenger has to do it. I lost a few times and had to lick an elephant and try salt licorice. 

Then it was nap time. But before my head hit the pillow, I made reservations for 15 at the Rainforest Cafe across the street. I wanted for us to get dressed up and have a nice section dinner. But when I woke up from my nap, it turns out that only 6 people could make it, so I had to call and change the reservation. I still got to dress up though! And the food was delicious. The rest of the evening we went to the pool and played music and bonded with some other Chiefs, it was a really fun time. I got a really bad migraine, and had to go to bed. 

GAMEDAY! The next morning my roommates woke up earlier to get breakfast. I had my migraine hangover so I slept in and waited to have brunch. Instayed in the room and got ready for my Gameday! I did my hair and my make up while drinking coffee and watching Disney channel (the hotel tv wouldn’t let us change the channel… we tried everything). Then we went to brunch at Applebee’s (again). It was a fun time being with my rookie class. ​

​We got on the buses and headed to the Hard Rock Stadium. The ride was long, for some stupid reason. Once we got there we marched into a fan performance and then back to the buses and then into the stadium. It was a bit tedious, but I didn’t really mind because we had plenty of time and I had plenty of energy. We started getting ready for pregame and we got into the tunnels. It went quickly and before I knew it we were back in the stands watching the seminoles run out onto the field. Renegade fell, and that was actually a terrifying thing to watch. It happened right in front of me and I had my hand over my mouth the entire time. Our luck was off to a bad start. But then we got a touchdown practically immediately and it all changed.

The first half was great, and well in our favor despite a stupid decision to not let the punt go. But it’s okay, we still won… 

DNCE performed at halftime, and Joe Jonas came out and did the chop to the Chiefs which was actually one of the most amazing things. The performance was great, and I’m really happy that I was there because I’m a fan of DNCE! I do wish their set was longer though. 

The second half was a nail biter… and I was very annoyed. A targeting call, coaches calling timeouts when we’re taking knees, missed field goals, simply heart attacks on grass. But we pulled out the W and that’s all that matters. 

I’m happy with my time at the Orange Bowl, and I’m incredibly happy with the Marching Chiefs and the way we support our Seminole team. I’m proud of how we played and I’m glad that I go to The Florida State University. 


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