New year, growing me

It’s practically been a week living in 2017, and I must say it’s fitting me well. So far I’ve been able to accomplish a lot of things and do well in preparing to accomplish my goals.

While I’ve been stressed the past few days with RA training, I’ve been able to spend some time reflecting on what I can improve on in that regard. I want to foster stronger relationships with my residents, but I also want to hold them accountable. Last semester I was very forgiving about certain things: while I would still document them for their behavior, I wouldn’t particularly treat them any differently or be mindful of their actions, which is something I may want to consider in the future.

I also want to make myself more available to them. Yes, I keep my door open always unless I’m sleeping or showering, but I want my residents to know that they can always come in to talk to me about anything, even if it’s just about how their exam went or how their dinner was.

My grades lately haven’t been anything to brag about. They haven’t been bad, but they’re not “mom fridge” material, and I want to get back to that. I want to really dive into my studies again and be eager about my schoolwork. In the same respect I want to figure out my future in more of a model/ plan. All of these people I know have these “five year plans”, so I want to try and figure something like that out, possibly involving my role as an RA and my hopes to continue that.

Most importantly, I want my relationship with Christ to grow, because it needs to. Faith needs to grow, and my faith needs to grow. I want to get more plugged into my church, and more involved in my campus ministry. So in order to do that, I will need to manage my time more wisely and be able to say no to extra things that will not allow me to grow spiritually or otherwise. If I grow in my relationship with Christ, everything else should fall into place; a relationship, my current friendships, my well-being etc. My relationship with Christ is so important and I especially want to spend a lot of time in prayer.

I want to grow. At the end of this year, this month even, I want people to look at me and say “you look happy, you look good, you seem like you’ve grown.” Ultimately, that is my goal.

“but speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ” Ephesian 4:15


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